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So are you ready for Star Cinema’s next movie project?? Topbilled by the Mara Clara duo, Kapamilya Teen stars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are all set to flaunt their acting prowess on the big screen via Star Cinema’s Way Back Home movie!
way back home movie
There was so much anticipation about this movie because of the instant rise of stardom blessed onto Kathryn and Julia through their phenomenal (yet now defunct) teleserye “Mara Clara“. While there is no doubt that Mara Clara fans will be at full support on this project, mishaps and bad publicity lead to the project almost getting shelved.From the death of AJ Perez to the Pregnancy of Andi Eigenmann which Albie Casino is tied up to, until now. . .
AJ Perez role was now given to Sam Concepcion (and in respect to AJ), Sam’s character in the movie is named “AJ”. Albie Casino on the other hand, after getting into a still unconcluded controversy, has been immediately replaced by Enrique Gil. The sudden replacement of Albie caused a stir on the internet to whether it was a right or an unfair decision. Kathbie fans surely frowned in disappointment with this news. Meanwhile, according to Star Cinema, the change in the lineup is prompted by their desire to experiment with different combinations for Kathryn and Julia.
Well, that is understandable if you ask me. Enrique Gil, although hasn’t established an onscreen chemistry with any of the stars that’s been paired up to him might shine with Kathryn Bernardo as his leading lady. Sam and Julia love team seems to be fine on the other hand.
Now officially entitled “Way Back Home“, we first reported about this project 3 months ago when it was said to be entitled “Home”. Around June, during the Star Creatives launch, this film was tentatively entitled “Sa Iyong Pagbabalik”. Then came later that it was retitled into You’re My Home movie. And I sort of hoped that “You’re My Home” is the official movie title of the Kathryn Bernardo-Julia Montes movie.(Update) – But then again, they changed it! The title’s been changed again to Way Back Home movie! This time it’s final.
Kathryn Bernardo will play the role of Ana Bartolome, Julia Montes as Jessica, Sam Concepcion as AJ and Enrique Gil as Mhyko.Ms. Agot Isidro will also star in the movie together with Kristel Fulgar, Trina Legaspi and Aahron Villena.
Jessica Santiago (Julia Montes) & Ana Bartolome (Kathryn Bernardo) are two sisters who have lived in separate lives for 12 long years. Jessie, though an excellent student, has grown to feel sorrow of Ana’s lost while Ana, not knowing that she’s an orphan, grew up in a far-flung fishing village. When they meet in a swimming competition, the Santiagos exert effort to bring Ana back. But when Ana returns home, Jessie feels more abandoned & lovelorn. With their relationship turning sour, Jessie’s life is terribly put in danger. In the end, the two sisters find home where their hearts truly lie.

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Tween Academy: Class of 2012 is a Filipino film for tweens produced by GMA Films. The show, Tween Hearts, top-billed by the love teams of Joshua Dionisio - Barbie Forteza and Jake Vargas - Bea Binene, together with Joyce Ching and Kristofer Martin, Lexi Fernandez and Derick Monasterio, Louise delos Reyes in which the film is based from. The film is set to be released on August 24, 2011.

Tween Academy Class of 2012 Movie Teaser

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The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival is close to Eugene Domingo’s heart, and for good reason. Some of her most memorable movies and award-winning movies were Cinemalaya entries.
She was in the Auraeus Solito film “Pisay” where she played a teacher and this won for her a best supporting actress award from the Golden Screen Awards in 2007. She was cast as Mylene Dizon’s best friend in the award-winning film “100” which also won for her the best supporting actress award from the Cinemalaya in 2009.Eugene is making a comeback to the Cinemalaya as she headlines the movie “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” written by her best friend writer-director Chris Martinez (who also wrote the award-winning “Here Comes the Bride”) and is the first directorial assignment of Marlon Rivera, who works in the advertising world as an associate creative director. In 2009, he and Chris set-up the Martinez-Rivera Films to produce “100” for Cinemalaya, of which was co-producer and creative consultant.

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank full trailer

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The Adventures of Pureza, The Queen of the Riles movie is an upcoming movie of Pinoy Big Brother's Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco under Star Cinema.
The Adventures of Pureza, The Queen of the Riles movie movie is a romantic comedy which will be shown on July of this year.
The Adventures of Pureza, The Queen of the Riles movie is directed by Soxie Topacio, written by Gina Marissa Tagasa and produced by abs-cbn's star cinema.
This upcoming movie will be lead by love team Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco.
The Adventures of Pureza, The Queen of the Riles cast.

Melai Cantiveros
Jason Francisco
Bianca Manalo
Joem Bascon
Martin del Rosario

With special participation of
Gina Pareno

The Adventures of Pureza, Queen Of The Riles Trailer


This 2011 version of Temptation Island was just the remake of the same movie filmed in 1980 directed by Joey Gosiengfiao. During that time the movie was top billed by four beauty contest titlelist namely Dina Bonnevie (1st Runner-up, Miss Magnolia 1979), Bambi Arambulo (Miss Maja Pilipinas 1977), Jennifer Cortez (Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1978) and lastly Ms. Azenith Briones (Miss Photogenic, Mutya ng Pilipinas 1975). The movie was basically about four beauty finalist of “Miss Manila Sunshine Beauty Pageant” from different social backgrounds who got stranded in an island without the presence of basic necessities such as food, shelter and water.
The 2011 version of Temptation Island will be directed by Chris Martines produced by Regal films. Top billed by Marian Rivera, Lovi Poe, Heart Evangelista and Solenn Heusaff. Other cast includes Aljur Abrenica, Tom Rodriguez, Paulo Avelino, Rufa Mae Quinto, and John Lapus.
Watch the interview that will explain how the 2011 casts prepare for this upcoming movie remake.

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“Kaya mo bang mahalin ang isang taong alam mong mawawala rin sa’yo?” – KC Concepcion as Raffy Salvador.
“It took me a day to fall in love… and it will take me forever to say goodbye” – Sam Milby as Eugene Servero.
I’ve been hearing this line since last week and I actually have my answers ready. Initially one would say “YES, I can”. But after watching the movie, I had a different perspective on how I look at it.
Directed by one of the box office directors in our country Cathy Garcia Molina, the story of Forever and a Day is not just about pairing a love team, tackling a love story nor finding the kilig among the leads. This is one of the Star Cinema’s most realistic stories ever made since Tanging yaman in 2000. A star studded Premiere night last Tuesday at Megamall cinema 10 made an impression that fans are really anticipating the first team up of Sam Milby and KC Concepcion.

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Yes, it has come to this. Pinoy horror movies anchored on superstition. We had it before with films like Sukob (2006) and Feng Shui (2004). This time, a house standing on a convergence of three roads, or tumbok, promises to be a slice of hell on earth.
I saw Topel Lee's Tumbok for Viva Films when it started showing in cinemas last Wednesday. It faces stiff competition from Hollywood movies that are currently being screened locally.
I had hoped that being in a dark cinema house with few other people would amp up the scare factor. But there were too many distractions to feel the scare, really.
The movie has a simple plot but too many false turns and unnecessary scenes tend to slow down the narrative.
Young couple Grace (Cristine Reyes) and Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) inherit a unit in a dilapidated condominium from his deceased father. It was the old man's dying wish, however, that they do not go there. They move in, nonetheless, charmed by its overseer Mark (Ryan Eigenmann). The couple discover later on that the building is inhabited by strange tenants, and haunted by apparitions and misfortune.
A string of deaths and bad luck brings them face to face with family secrets and the gravity of their situation.
Despite the many twists and turns, the plot is quite predictable. I wish Direk Topel had exploited the location to set the mood, make the feeling of terror linger long after the viewer has left the theater.
If there is anything enjoyable in the movie, it would be the sight of Cristine–so young and so pretty–walking around in her pantulog and pambahay for about three fourths of the movie. The chemistry between her and Carlo is also very convincing.
Prior to the release of the movie, there was so much hype over the intense love scenes between the two. I won't spoil it for you so you have to watch the movie yourself.
The Cristine-Carlo tandem is not exactly a swoon-worthy team up but a match of opposites. Cristine was womanly but kittenish. Carlo, on the other hand, was boyish of face but manly and stern in demeanor.
Carlo can definitely be counted on to make his character alive and appealing. The brilliant actor definitely imbued his role with depth and a subtle sexiness.
In a scene wherein he apprehends three young rufians who would later cause an explosion in their unit, he calmly told them to tone down their noise. When the three begin taunting him, he simply shows them his police badge and through his eyes and manner, conveyed that he is not to be messed with but he does not want trouble either.
This movie could have been something else given more heart, philosophy and, maybe time.

Tumbok Official Trailer


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The first fifteen minutes of Olivia Lamasan's In the Name of Love is that sort of uncharacteristic greatness that comes from an otherwise unspectacular director. Hinting of a narrative that is darker than what is expected from a mainstream studio, Lamasan confidently lays the pieces of her masterpiece-in-the-making. After spending seven years in a Japanese jail for being caught transporting yakuza money in the airport while on his way home to visit his son, Emman (Aga Muhlach) has become old and modest in his ambitions. However, an unlikely meet-up with Mercedes (Angel Locsin), the prostitute-turned-girlfriend of a politician's son (Jake Cuenca), pushes him in the middle of a dangerous love triangle involving a murderous political family and a province struggling under its control.
Lamasan introduces Emman as the irreversibly old and wasted man who is fated for doom. Mercedes is the irresistible femme fatale, sexy beyond compare but seductively mysterious. The little town they live their sad lives in is clouded with discontent, with the prospect of the coming elections only exposing the town's unmistakably rotting core. The first fifteen minutes set up a film noir that never was. After building up expectations of gloom, Lamasan succumbs to the allure of drowning the set-up with paltry romance, completely wasting whatever's built up to confused schmaltziness.
Lamasan stages the most heartbreaking of dramatic moments in her films (such as the painful dinner scene in In My Life (2009) where the recently broken mother suddenly realizes how she destroyed the lives of her children, or the melancholic scene in Milan (2004) where an abandoned husband finally finds his wife in a worse condition than his, or the very angry scene in Sana Maulit Muli (Hopefully, Once More, 1995) where an illegal immigrant furiously bursts upon seeing the maltreatment a Filipino employer treats his employees) hinting of some sort of depth in her work within the usually shallow mainstream. In this film, she pits then matinee idol Muhlach with his inevitable old age, in one heartbreaking scene where his character, after being imprisoned for several years, stands in front of the mirror, realizing how he has wasted his youth, his life.
However, Lamasan struggles with mood, shifting from light-hearted moments to gloomy episodes and vice versa with the flimsiest of motivations. That has always been Lamasan's biggest fault. While Muhlach's vulnerability is commendable, he remains unconvincing as a dramatic actor, most especially when delivering lines that require some sort of sombreness, which sadly, the actor seems incapable of. His perpetually youthful looks provide some sort of visual irony, making his expected corruption and demise all the more heartbreaking. Unfortunately, expectations remain that. In the Name of Love is not as dark as it should be to be effective in depicting the crookedness of its setting. Though it aspires to be a great love story (even making use of the theme song of Arthur Hiller's Love Story (1970) to communicate the gravity and grandness of the film's romantic aspirations), it simply fails to engage, remaining limp and overly simplistic in its portrayals.
Finally, in the name of escapism and sure returns, Star Cinema, the film's producer which is arguably the Philippines' most commercially successful movie studio, maintains the silliest and stupidest of traditions. Their movies (with the exception of their horror films which end with cliffhangers) are riddled with unnecessarily happy conclusions, making it seem that life, despite its gargantuan problems and unexpected tragic turns, are but fairy tales with predictable endings. While there is nothing generally wrong with escapist cinema, there is something glaringly evil about how films are haphazardly tacked with these happy endings, no matter how disgustingly illogical they are in the context of the film.
In the Name of Love is an ambitious but very flawed film. It could have been passable entertainment. However, with its completely irrelevant ending, the film devolves into some sort of insulting drivel, a confused marriage between untrusting capitalists and earnest artists, with the latter in the losing end. Like a poor man's porridge with a piece of pubic hair proudly floating, the otherwise palatable film is rendered virtually inedible with that single unforgivable compromise.


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MANILA, Philippines - Star Cinema and M-Zet's comedy film "Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak" earned P15 million in ticket sales on its first day of screening on Black Saturday.

This is according to ABS-CBN’s weekly entertainment show “The Buzz.”

Under the direction of Tony Y. Reyes, “Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak” is the comeback movie of Prince of Comedy Vic Sotto under Star Cinema.

It's also the first movie pairing of Sotto with ABS-CBN's Bea Alonzo.

Sotto and Alonzo extended their appreciation to all moviegoers who supported their film.

"Ano pa ang masasabi namin kung hindi pak! isa pak! tumpak! Happy Easter sa lahat. Nais naming magpasalamat sa lahat ng tumangkilik at kasalukuyang tumatangkilik sa lahat ng mga feedback na natanggap namin tuwang tuwa daw sila sa pelikula," Sotto said.

Alonzo added: "Masayang masaya salamat sa lahat ng nanonood na kasama pa ang pamilya nila at kaibigan nila, thank you."

“Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak” is rated G or GP by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board and graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board.